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7 years later and i’m still not over chris’ death in skins

Kaya Scodelario @ V Festival - 14.08.16

chancechaos  c o i n c i d e n c e

Kaya Scodelario attends the 20th Century Fox presentation during Comic-Con in San Diego, CA. (July 25, 2014)


get to know me meme » (1/10 tv shows) skins uk 2nd gen.

You can’t change what’s already happened. I wish you could. But… you just can’t.

MTV’s Finding Carter First Look 

Everything was perfect. My mom was the best. But then I learned the truth and my whole life changed. My name is not my name. My home is not my home. My life is not my life. My mom is not my mom. She’s…my kidnapper. 

Strong female leads need to be made more mainstream. There are some wonderful, wonderful independent films being made with women of all ages. I think that’s what we should try and focus on. There is still an imbalance between insightful, strong roles and stereotypical ones from my personal experiences, but I don’t think it’s a lost cause.

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